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Golf Performance Enhancement

Specialized performance enhancement programs for golf provided by Dr. Sigward at the Four Bridges Golf Academy.

Dr. Sigward has teamed up with the professionals at the Four Bridges Golf Academy to provide individual and group mental skill consultations to golfers.  Some of these services will be provided in collaboration with other professionals at the Academy.

Dr. Sigward has developed several mental training programs especially for golfers.  These include programs focusing on Target Visualization, Feel Development, and Mental Toughness Training.  These programs are offered in individual formats as well as some workshops and group sessions.

One area of particular interest/expertise for Dr. Sigward is his work with the short game.  He will show you how to "love your short game".  Emphasis is placed upon the development of trust and feel in putting, chipping and pitching, as well as increasing players' confidence hitting shots from within 100 yards.

Players committed to working with Dr. Sigward on their short game are often able to take their game to a higher level because of the impact of an improved short game on the rest of their game.

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